Healing the Spirit Masterclass

What you will discover

Recorded on Saturday 26th June 2021.

Integrating concepts of spirituality into health care practices can be challenging. In this masterclass we address many of these challenges and establish a roadmap for integrating aromatic spiritual elements into your aromatherapy practice.  

We explore the premise that aromatherapy is a shamanic practice. In order to do this, we examine the origins of shamanism, examine the role of shamanism as a healing practice, and identify ways in which shamanism can be integrated into contemporary healing practices. 

We investigate the role of entheogens and psychointegrators used within shamanic practices, and consider whether essential oils can be classified as entheogens.  While it is unlikely that any of the commonly used essential oils lead to an altered state of consciousness, such as that often experienced with many of the powerful psychoactive substances available, neuroscience has identified that many of the biological pathways by which essential oils influence our psyche and modify our brain chemistry are similar to those of altered states of consciousness achieved in shamanic practices.  

In this masterclass, we will:  

  • explore the relationship between spirituality and wellbeing examine the importance of spirituality within a holistic healing framework   
  • examine the relationship between aromatherapy, new age practices and spirituality 
  • explore the role of the shaman in traditional and modern cultures
  • examine why the principles of shamanic practices need to be included in contemporary healing practices 
  • address important issues associated with indigenous rights and cultural appropriation of shamanic practices
  • examine the neuroscience and therapeutic benefits of altered states of consciousness 
  • examine the role of essential oils as entheogens and psychointegrators

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to Healing the Spirit Masterclass

    2. Activity 1

    3. Activity 2

    1. Plants and Spirituality

    1. The Nature of Healing

    2. Activity 3 - Self-reflection question

    3. Activity 4

    1. Spirituality

    2. Activity 5- Self-reflection question

    3. Activity 6

    1. Spirituality, CAM and the New Age

    1. Healing the Spirit Power Point Presentation

    2. Book List

    3. Spirituality in Nursing Practice

    4. Psychoactive Properties of Culinary Spices

    5. A Neurotheological Perspective on Altered States of Consciousness

About this course

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  • 16 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

Salvatore Battaglia

Salvatore Battaglia has been passionate about natural therapies for most of his life. He holds qualifications in natural therapies, herbal medicine, acupuncture and aromatherapy. Salvatore’s dedication to aromatherapy has seen him hold positions in professional associations and government committees to ensure that the educational standards of professional aromatherapy are maintained and improved. Salvatore has been teaching aromatherapy since 1988. He is often called upon to speak at international conferences about aromatherapy, running a holistic and ethical business and what it means to go natural and organic. Salvatore has been an advisor to hospital boards and nursing homes to establish aromatherapy clinical trials for pain management, intensive care and depression and for the management of dementia and aged care. He is the author of The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy, which was first published in 1994. To date, more than 130,000 copies of The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy have been sold. The book is internationally acclaimed as a textbook and has now been translated into Japanese and Korean. In 1991, Salvatore created Perfect Potion, a manufacturer of certified organic aromatherapy products, natural skin care and essential oils, whose purpose is to naturally enhance people’s lives. In 2016, he was made an honorary member of the International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA).